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Nature’s Schoolyard and Earth Day

Posted by CRAIG WIEGARDT | March 01, 2017 : Nature’s Schoolyard was created for parents, teachers, and kids who want to make a difference. Whether you are looking for an Earth Day color page, ideas on how to enjoy nature, an activity about renewable energy, or a video with 15 ways to Go Green, Nature’s Schoolyard is for you!... view post >
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Oustide vs. Inside

Posted by CRAIG WIEGARDT | March 01, 2017 : Nature has a lot of competition these days. Video games, social networks, television, air conditioning. The list goes on. Inside you get a temperature controlled environment. No extreme heat, no extreme cold, no bugs. It’s not only video games and crazy weather that keep children inside, it is also the... view post >
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Nature and Stress

Posted by CRAIG WIEGARDT | March 01, 2017 : I remember telling my dad one afternoon that I was stressed out. I was seventeen and life had brought on some anxieties. He told me to wait until I had a family with bills to pay, THEN I would understand stress. Thirty years later I understand what he meant, but... view post >
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Why Go Outside?

Posted by CRAIG WIEGARDT | March 01, 2017 : We now have several studies showing the importance of children interacting with nature. Studies show nature education improves standardized test scores. Tests show consistent nature interaction improves attention deficit problems. Other research proves how nature discovery provides hands-on, multi-sensory stimulation critical for brain development. Where should I start? Kids AND... view post >
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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Posted by BETH WEGNER | March 01, 2017 : We honor and celebrate the birthday, March 2, of a beloved icon of childhood and a Super Hero for Mother Earth: Dr. Seuss! Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) created imaginary worlds using his bold black and white, pen and ink cartoon illustrations punctuated with bold explosions of brilliant, neon colors to... view post >
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