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An Outdoor Classroom For Kids

Posted by BETH WEGNER | May 09, 2012 : A big thank you to the Pekin Times for their article about all our outdoor efforts with children this year at Pekin Park District’s Soldwedel Center. We’re very proud!   Happy gardening, Beth ……………………………………… Related lesson plans/posts view post >
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“Watch out for the Branches!”

Posted by CRAIG WIEGARDT | May 10, 2012 : My family is very fortunate to live close to several wonderful parks and nature trails. Every chance we get, we spend a few hours enjoying nature.  For my three children it is usually a toss up when deciding on the playground at the park or the nature trail. For me... view post >
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Worms are Farmers, Too!

Posted by BETH WEGNER | May 09, 2012 : One of my new green habits is a great learning opportunity for kids that pays dividends in the garden. I'm the proud mother of 2,000 red wigglers and who knows how many babies! Soil is one of the most important aspects of traditional gardening, and our little red wigglers are... view post >
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Nature Safety by Morgan (age 9)

Posted by CRAIG WIEGARDT | November 27, 2012 : We all like to play in nature and that could be our own backyard. But you sometimes need to be careful because some animals and plants can hurt you. Not a lot of animals hurt you right away. For example bees and wasps just mind their own business but when... view post >
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Trees and 9/11

Posted by BETH WEGNER | September 08, 2012 : Welcome to Nature's Schoolyard! As we all pause to remember all those who perished on this day in history, I was struck by the story of the Survivor Tree that somehow survived the devastation of this sad day in the history of our world. This tree witnessed the horrors of... view post >
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