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introducing beth and craig

  Beth's & Craig's Biography Beth's Bio

I've been a nature lover since I was able to walk. Growing up in a wonderful neighborhood in Cedar Falls, Iowa, next to an open field and a creek filled with rocks, crawdads and other wonders, I spent my summers barefoot, chasing my friends and climbing trees. Even as I grew older and started wearing shoes, I never lost my love for the outdoors. Now that I'm a father, my goal is to give my children—and yours—the same opportunities to interact with nature that I had growing up.

After nearly two decades teaching third grade, I decided to concentrate on what I care about most when it comes to educating children—appreciating, enjoying and protecting nature. My hope for Nature's Schoolyard is that it brings kids out of the house and into the light, discovering the wonders of nature, the benefits of going green, and the joys of gardening and cooking together as a family.

Craig's Biography
Craig: at a glance
  • Masters Degree in Education
  • Third grade schoolteacher for 17 years
  • Husband to Marcy and father to Morgan, Kate and Luke

If you'd like to contact me, please email me at: