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Why Go Outside?

Posted by CRAIG WIEGARDT | March 01, 2017 :

We now have several studies showing the importance of children interacting with nature. Studies show nature education improves standardized test scores. Tests show consistent nature interaction improves attention deficit problems. Other research proves how nature discovery provides hands-on, multi-sensory stimulation critical for brain development.

Where should I start? Kids AND families should spend time outside together! But I will start with some reasons why kids should spend more time outside!

  1. Kids need to socialize. They need to meet and play with their neighbors. Studies show that social development and success in school go hand in hand.
  1. Kids need to play outside. Nature provides a beautiful world of learning opportunities crucial for brain development.
  1. Kids need exercise. Since 1980, obesity in the United States has tripled. Take a step outside and you will find endless opportunities for physical activity.
  1. Kids need nature! Studies show even short periods of time outside improve mood and happiness levels. Stress and anxiety levels drop while the exploring and discovering bring smiles.

Some days it isn’t as comfortable or convenient spending time outside as opposed to inside. But it is important that we make the effort. Whether it is a nature walk through the woods, a bike ride around the block, or a game of catch in the front yard, the benefits are immeasurable.

What do you like to do outside?